"I recently utilized the services of Free Time Manufacturing and was thoroughly impressed with the service. Rita is a lovely person to deal with.  She was very thorough with her questions to assess your needs beforehand, very professional with her approach to the work. Her level of skill and attention to detail was quite amazing. I would not hesitate to use this company again and recommend to everyone I know. You won't be disappointed"



"Rita Desnoyers of Free Time Manufacturing came to my home to handle bike tune ups and repair this spring. She has expertise in this area and even taught my son and I how to change or repair our tires if we happened to get a flat!  I hate to guess what this would have taken for me to take my bikes somewhere for drop off and then arrange another time for pick up.  Rita is very personable and communicated well with my teenager.  In addition to the bike work she picked up a kayak hanging device from MEC (after providing pricing and my consent) and mounted it in our garage.  All of her service was timely and thorough and she sought feedback as needed to avoid any errors. I greatly enjoyed having her take these things off my “to do” list and the quality of work provided!! I most definitely will have her back again soon."



"I have used Free Time Inc. (Rita) for several jobs around my house.  Pressure washing my deck, painting 3 walls in my house, waxing our boat and lawn care.
Rita is so completely count on able….she did an amazing job of all we had her do.  She is conscientious and was completely in communication before each job
so you knew exactly what was what.  I highly recommend Rita for any job you have.  You will not be disappointed."



We recently had Freetime Manufacturing Inc. in to do painting of bedrooms and washing out our kitchen cupboards. In the past I have always done my own painting and cleaning. Due to health issues I have not been able to handle the task. 
The finished results from Freetime Manufacturing is better than any painting that I have done in the past 10 years. The bonus was not having sore muscles from having to climb a ladder or hold the roller or brush for hours. It would have taken me weeks and with Freetime it was only a three day job. Everything was tidied up at the end of each day and there was nothing left out of place at the end of the job. 
I would recommend Freetime Manufacturing Inc to anyone. I have already suggested them to my best friend of 50 years and she is planning to have some painting done in the fall. 
Very grateful and appreciative of the work and talent of Freetime Manufacturing. I will be using them again for more than painting.